Training Hub

Welcome to the training hub. Use the resources here,  from getting started on your journey to becoming a safe driver to improving your skills once you’ve passed your driving test.

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Apply for your Provisional Licence

You can apply for your first provisional licence when you are 15 years and 9 months old. You can start learning ti drive once you are 17 years old. 

Theory Test Resources

You must pass a theory test before you can take a practical driving test. Find out more about the theory test below.

The Highway Code

The first place you should start when studying for the Theory test

Driving Test Success 4-in-1

The Uk's number one downloaded theory test revision app from the people at Driving Test Success

Safe Driving For Life Website

The official website to help you study and take practise tests ready for the real theory test. 

Theory Test Pro

Try out Theory Test Pro for free. Contains real theory test questions and hazard perception clips. 

Check out this brilliant podcast from Terry Cook at TC Drive

Check out the learner driver hub podcast from the guys at Driving Test Success

driving - essential skills

The Official DVSA Guide To Driving

The most comprehensive book from the DVSA to help you learn how to drive. A must have!

Safe Driving for Life

The Official DVSA Theory Test and Hazard Perception Kit for Car Drivers

Contains everything you need to pass your car theory test first time. This kit includes The Official DVSA Guide to Hazard Perception

The Official DVSA Theory Test Kit for Car Drivers Online includes all the latest revision questions, over 130 interactive hazard perception clips and 9 new multiple choice video clips.

Supporting Learning To Drive

Learning To Drive Resources

A collection of resources to help you when you’ve started your driving lessons.

The Learning To Drive Syllabus

Find out what's involved in learning to drive a car. The official syllabus used by all qualified UK driving instructors.

A Diagram Of The Gears Layout

A diagram of how the gears are laid out as pictured onto of a gear lever in a manual car

Stopping Distances

An example of typical stopping distances in a car in good conditions as illustrated in the Highway Code

Private Practise

A guide to practising your driving with a friend or family member between your driving lessons.

The Driving Test

Resources to help with the UK practical driving test.

The Practical Driving Test

You must pass this test before you can drive without supervision.

Show Me / Tell Me Questions

Vehicle safety questions are asked as part of the practical test

DVSA Videos

The DVSA's official Youtube playlist

Failing A Driving Test

The top 10 reasons for failing a driving test reported by DVSA

Dealing with Emergency Services

Blue Light Aware

The official Blue Light Aware Youtube video about the safest way to deal with the Emergency Services. 

Driving Test Route Examples

Elswick Driving Test Route

Gosforth Driving Test Route

Elswick Driving Test Route

Spiral/Multi-Lane Roundabouts

To some learner drivers, multi-lane (spiral) roundabouts can be challenging. Check out the video examples of some multi-lane roundabouts in Newcastle upon Tyne  below.