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Road Map To Freedom!

Prime Minister Announces Road Map to Freedom

On February 22nd, Boris Johnson made the announcement about his plans to lift Covid restrictions in a four stage process between March 2021 and June 2021. The government have released a 60 page document explaining of the roadmap will work. You can read that document here. To save you the time reading the document, under stage 2 it states that activities such as driving tests can resume.

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Source: HM Government Spring 2021 Roadmap

On the same day the government made the announcement, the DVSA sent out a press release through emails and social media saying;

Screenshot 2021 02 24 at 13.05.26 | Les Hopkinson Driver Training
Source: Twitter – @DVSAgovuk

It is assumed at this stage that driving lessons will restart around 12th April. It is widely expected that The DSVA give the driving and rider training industry a couple of weeks head start before tests actually resume so that learner drivers are given time to safely prepare for their test. If testing does restart before lessons can, there will be a raft of learner drivers heading into tests without being fully prepared, which you would expect there to be a mass of failed driving test, therefore compromising road safety.

However, for any changes to be made at any stage throughout the road map, there are 4 tests set out by the government to determine whether the next stage of easing restrictions can go ahead. Those 4 tests are;

road map to freedom
Image Source: HM Government

I’m sure there will be further updates from the DVSA in the coming days and weeks giving us more information about the resumption of driving lessons and test. You can follow the DVSA and keep up to date on Twitter.

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If you are already taking driving lesson that have stopped due to the restrictions or planning to start learning after the lockdown and you need to study for a driving test, check out Driving Test Success 4-in-1 app.

Driving Test Success offer the learner a ‘pass guarantee’ where you could be refunded the cost of your theory test if you don’t pass when you follow their ‘learner plan’.

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