Lockdown 3.0

The UK enters its third national lockdown.

The UK entered lockdown 3.0 on 30th December 2020 following a sharp rise in the number of Covid infections and deaths following a new variant being discovered. Due to the lockdown, driving lessons, theory tests and driving tests are once more suspended until the lockdown restrictions are lifted. The government have announced that could after the February half term when the schools could also return, however, there is no set date and the lockdown could be extended.


Meanwhile the government are accelerating their rollout of the Covid-19 vaccine to the highest priority groups. Hopefully the rollout of the vaccine can have a good impact on the number of people contracting the virus and spreading it. Keep up to date with the news on the vaccine here

I take the safety of my learner drivers very seriously. The normal safety measures still apply when driving lessons as well as the Covid-safe measures that were introduced after the first lockdown.

Here are the steps I will take following the resumption of driving lessons when I return on 6th July 2020.


Approximately 24 hours before your lesson, I will contact you and ask you to answer 2 questions.

1. Have you displayed symptoms of coronavirus in the last 7 days?

2. Have you been in contact with anyone with symptoms or tested positive for coronavirus in the last 7 days?

If the answer to either of these questions is Yes, your driving lesson will not go ahead and you will not be offered another lessons in the following 14 days or until you have recovered.

I will confirm to you whether I have symptoms or been on contact with anyone with symptoms to tested positive.

I will also remind you to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds using soap and water before leaving your house.

Before arriving for your lesson, I will thoroughly clean all of the touch points around the car using soap and water where possible. If this is not possible, then an approved anti-viral cleaning solution will be used.


I will meet each learner driver outside the training vehicle at a safe 2 metre distance to conduct the briefing for the lesson. This is to ensure we can spend less time in the vehicle. 

We will not shake hands or make any physical contact. 

You will be asked to bring along and wear a face covering during your lesson and this must be put on before entering the vehicle. If you have a good enough reason to not wear a face covering, then speak to me before the lesson. 

When you enter the vehicle, you MUST sanitise your hands. Santitiser will be provided but you can bring your own if you wish.

The car windows will be opened to ensure a constant stream of fresh air to circulate around the vehicle.


Any visual aids used throughout the lesson such as books, diagrams, IPad, etc will only be handled by me. 

We will only sit forward facing and avoid facing each other when talking.

If during the lesson, there is the need for me to do a demonstration drive, or to touch the controls due to safety concerns, then the car will need to be cleaned again. If I needed to take control of the vehicle, we will stop at the nearest and safest opportunity to clean the touch points. I I did a demo, I will clean the driver and passenger side before we enter the vehicle again. 

The wearing of gloves is not encouraged. Gloves are normally used to avoid cross contamination in food settings and health care settings. However, if it makes you more comfortable and there is no issues with controlling the vehicle safely, then you are permitted to use them.

Any lengthy discussions or recaps will be conducted outside of the car where safely practical to do so. 


The lesson debrief will be conducted outside of the vehicle at your drop off point. We will need to arrive at your drop off point 5 minutes before the end of the lesson to conduct the briefing. If the weather dictates that it is unsafe to do so, we will conduct the briefing in the vehicle. 

Following your lesson, you MUST take your face covering with you and dispose of appropriately, double bagging before hand along with Public Health guidelines. 

Learners will be encourage to wash their hands for at least 20 seconds when they arrive back home after their lesson.

Let us work together to keep ourselves safe which in turn will prevent the spread of Coronavirus.