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Free Refresher Training

Free Refresher Training For Every Student

Learning to drive is not just about passing a driving test. Understandably most learner drivers come into their driving lessons with the end view of being passing their driving test. I can understand that. Learning to drive can be very expensive and there has to be an outcome or an end goal. But let’s look beyond that to driving on public roads for the rest of your life.

Sadly deaths on the road continue to be worryingly high. In the year ending June 2020 there were an estimated 1580 road deaths which incudes 3 months of the national lockdown. There were 131,220 casualties on UK roads in the same period. When it comes to young driver statistics, the numbers are worrying. 1 in 2 young drivers pass their test first time, 1 in 5 young drivers crash within a year of passing their driving tests and there are around 4000 young drivers killed or seriously injured on UK roads every year. Staggering statistics you would agree?

How can these statistics be addressed? One way is to improve the standard and attitude of drivers on the road through training in their driving lessons. Most driving instructors would agree that their role is to train learners to be safe drivers for life and see the driving test as well as the theory test as hurdles along the journey. Teaching the skills that learners need to be safe well beyond the driving test is something that I’m committed to. It doesn’t stop there though. As any driver, you should always reflect on your driving and look at ways in which you can improve your ability to drive, you attitude to driving, your attitude to dealing with other drivers on the road, and so on. This should happen as long as you drive behind the wheel of a car on public roads. Why does your driver training stop once you’ve passed your driving test? Nobody says it should!

That’s why from April 2021 I will be offering a free one hour refresher session to every one of my learner drivers, once they’ve passed their driving test. They can use this refresher session at any point within the first year of them passing their driving test. What is covered in the session will be the decision of the learner whether that be covering motorway driving, improving the attitude to other drivers or dealing with busy car parks, the choice is theirs.

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