Driving Lessons

Beginner to Fully Trained

Les Hopkinson Driver Training offers manual driving lessons in Newcastle upon Tyne. Start your journey to becoming a safe driver with the basics right through to your driving test and beyond.

Take driving lessons with Les Hopkinson and learn how to become a safe driver for life. I’m committed to road safety and providing 5 star customer service. Driving lessons are available to complete beginners right through to further training for fully qualified drivers. Get in touch to find out more or to book your training. Find out what other learners are saying about their experience with Les Hopkinson Driver Training here.

I'm A Beginner

Start your journey to becoming a safe driver with the basics. Take driving lessons with Les Hopkinson and learn how to set up the car and how to use the controls around the driver. Move on to getting the car moving safely from the side of the road, driving in a straight line and stopping the car safely at the side of the road. I’ll then take you on the journey through the learner driver syllabus to deal with aspects of driving such as junctions, roundabouts, traffic lights, traffic, use of MSM (Mirrors-Signal_Manoeuvre), etc. You’ll also learn how to safely deal with other road users, pedestrians, and deal with difficult situations and remain calm and in control of the situation. We’ll follow a syllabus of subjects to take you through to your driving test and beyond to ensure a safe standard of driving for life. Start your journey now and book your very first lesson.

I've Had Some Training

For one reason or another, people find the need to change their driving instructor or take a break in the their driving lessons.

Sometimes that can be for a long period of time and can cause a learner to lose their confidence or forget what they have learned. Join me and we’ll pick up where you left off. We’ll start with an assessment of your current ability and skills, then put a plan into place to take you through to your driving test and ensure a safe standard of driving beyond the test. Get in touch and let’s get you on the road to your test again.

I've Already Passed My Test

Sometimes after a learner driver has passed their practical driving test, they don’t drive for a long time. This could be due to not being able to afford a car or they don’t feel confident driving on their own. There can be a lack of confidence or forgotten knowledge after a long time. Whatever the reason may be, I can help you get back on the road. I offer refresher training for full licence holders. We’ll start with an assessment drive and find out what you feel are your weak areas and we’ll put a plan in place to give you the confidence to get out on the road again and enjoy driving. Refresher lessons are booked in a block of 3×2 hour sessions or indivudually. For current prices, please visit my prices page. 

I Want To Be A Better Driver

Have you just passed your driving test and fancy learning more skills or taking the skills you have learned even further? We should always ensure that we drive to a high standard and have respect for other road users.

I can offer driving lessons on Dual Carriageways and Motorways, in different weather conditions, and around town. I can also give further training in dealing with difficult situations, dealing with other roads users, this list is endless really. Whatever you feel you need, I could help. Get in touch and see what we can do.


Get In Touch

driving lessons - Stella McArdle

I passed my test first time with Les yesterday and I am so grateful for his help! Les is very friendly and patient and makes you feel comfortable and confident whilst driving. I have enjoyed my lessons a lot and would 100% recommend Les to anyone wanting to learn how to drive!!

Stella McArdle