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The Covid-19 pandemic has caused massive issues, with not only health but on the UK economy. There have been repercussions in the driver training industry since March 2020 causing learner drivers to miss valuable driving lessons and experience on the road, theory testing and practical driving tests. Not only that, but learners who have already passed a theory test and waiting for a practical test have also missed out where their theory test pass certificate has expired. Law currently states that once you’ve passed your theory test, you have 2 years to pass a practical driving test otherwise you will need to re-take your theory test before taking your practical test.

Around 50,000 theory tests have expired since the start of the pandemic in 2020. At £23 per theory test, that’s a loss of around £1,139,489 for UK learner drivers.

The government have been approved on the matter and there have been various petitions to the government to extend the validity period of the theory test if it is affected by the Covid pandemic. This has also been a petition and motion made about this in the House of Commons recently which the backing of NASP (National Associated of Strategic Partners who represent the driver training industry and ADI’s (Approved Driving Instructors) and Marmalade insurance. You can read the transcript of that motion here.

The validity of the theory test certificate is set in government legislation and the government state;

“Regulation 47(6) states that a theory test certificate has a validity period of two years. The maximum duration of two years between the passing of a theory test and the taking of a subsequent practical test is in place to ensure that a candidate’s road safety knowledge and ability to identify developing hazards is current. It is set in legislation and we currently have no plans to lay further legislation to extend it. I realise, of course, that that will affect and disappoint some learners—including the hon. Gentleman—and driving instructors, for understandable reasons, but it is nevertheless important that road safety knowledge and hazard perception skills are up to date at the critical point at which a candidate drives unsupervised for the first time.”

“Those with expiring theory test certificates will have taken the theory test in early 2019; since then, unfortunately, their lessons and practice sessions will have been significantly curtailed during recent lockdowns, and it is likely that their knowledge base will have diminished.”

“learner drivers will have had their practice sessions significantly curtailed. It is vital that we ensure that new drivers have current relevant knowledge and skills—that is a vital part of the preparation of new drivers, who are disproportionately represented in casualty statistics. That is an important point and one relevant to the point the hon. Gentleman just made. A 2008 study by the Transport Research Laboratory indicated that one in five new drivers had a collision within their first year of driving unsupervised. I am sure the hon. Gentleman would agree that that is a high proportion. The Transport Research Laboratory also found that the hazard perception test is linked to a measurable reduction in some accidents. Those with higher scores on the test have safer records as new drivers.”

The fact that the government will not budge on the matter is devastating to learner drivers around the country who now have to retake a theory test but will be delayed by the huge backlog caused by the pandemic. They may even have to travel for miles to get to a test centre to take the test.

That’s where Marmalade come in!

theory test marmalade

Marmalade is a car insurance broker who specialise in young driver insurance and young driver vehicles. I have been recommending Marmalade to my learner drivers for many years as I believe their products are very competitive in a massively expensive market. They offer products from “Pay as you go” insurance to Annual learner insurance. These products are great but what does that have to do with theory tests?

Marmalade is here to help learner drivers who have had their theory test expire during lockdown…

They know times are tough and young people in particular have been hit hard during this time so they will pay for a new theory test for their customers that have been affected (terms and conditions apply).

What do you need to do next….

If this applies:
351788 icons09 | Les Hopkinson Driver TrainingYou’re a provisional licence holder
351788 icons09 | Les Hopkinson Driver TrainingYou hold a current Marmalade policy that is past any 14-day cooling off period
351788 icons09 | Les Hopkinson Driver TrainingYou have proof their theory test certificate expired between 23rd March 2020 and the date that practical driving tests resume in their devolved nation.

Then all you need to do is email Marmalade at with the following information

351788 icons09 | Les Hopkinson Driver TrainingTheir first and last name
351788 icons09 | Les Hopkinson Driver TrainingTheir policy number – this can be found when logging into their portal
351788 icons09 | Les Hopkinson Driver TrainingAttached photographic evidence of their theory test certificate showing the expiry date and their name
351788 icons09 | Les Hopkinson Driver TrainingTheir contact telephone number
Email Marmalade

They will then check your details and contact you via email for your bank details, and a payment of £23 will be sent to you within 30 days of your application. Please remember to read their terms and conditions here and note that applications for this offer close 30 days after practical driving lessons resume.

We will then check their details and contact them via email for their bank details, and a payment of £23 will be sent to them within 30 days of their application. Please read our terms and conditions here and note that applications for this offer will close 30 days after practical driving lessons resume.

I think this is a fantastic offer and thankful to Marmalade for thinking of their customers during this difficult time. Please consider the offer if you are a customer and have been affected.

driving test success

If you are currently studying for your theory test, please check out Driving Test Success 4-in-1 app. They offer a free “PASS GUARANTEE” and learner plan where you can get the cost of your theory test refunded to you. Find out more about Driving Test Success here

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